Mudras and Mantras Used as Triggers

A mudra (Sanskrit), is a gesture or body position with the intention of eliciting a desired inner state. A mantra (Sanskrit), is a sound or word with the same intention. Combining the two anchors that inner state in your body and can be used to trigger the highest functioning aspects of all the personality styles. Originally based on the Enneagram, knowledge of it is not necessary to benefit from this technique. These are samples mudras and mantras for the nine Enneagram types.

Type 1
gracefully precise
focused diligence
I am perfect enough
deliberate focus
composed & calm
upright, noble, poised
calm acceptance
orderly, composed, dignified
Type 2
caring embrace
reaching, open
loving generosity
circular, encompassing
nurturing, accepting
generous, sharing
Type 3
energized and focusede
self-assured yet modest
poised & well-mannered
motivated, motivational
aspiring for dreams
capable, honest, steady
I believe in myself
Type 4
deep vibrant peace
peaceful, quiet, still
dynamic contemplation
gentle, smooth and graceful
emotionally balanced
(taking in the joys and the sorrows)
Type 5
divine curiosity
alert, watchful
astute, curious
profoundly focused
I synthesize and make whole
sharp, focused quickness
constantly scanning
searching & synthesizing
sustained concentration
Type 6
solid protector
honoring authoritye
alert, vigilant
steady and confidents
responsible, practical
brave, bold & courageous
love inspired loyalty
determined & persevering
Type 7
raptured, elated, thrilled
suspended in rapture
supreme, natural high state
truly free
effortless happiness, bliss
animated, wide-eyed
relaxed joyfulness
awed ecstasy (I'm in awe)
Type 8
grounded & warm
courageous, heroic
steadfast & strong
(stately inner solidity)
(direct & decisive)
direct, decisive
effortless confidence
assertive presence
I have a voice, I hold my ground
Type 9
profoundly content
inner peace, tranquil
poised & calm
awake & present
serene, soothing
cuddly teddy bear
effortless grace